Middle TN Vet Service

You may not see us all the time, but we play a big part at MTVS
Part-Time Staff
Peyton- Veterinary Assistant

You may recognize this smiling face, as Peyton worked at MTVS throughout high school. She left for college to pursue a degree in Animal Science. Now in her sophomore year at Tennessee Tech, she is able to return to her love of helping animals here at MTVS. Her hopes in life are to be honest and successful. Her favorite part about working here is getting to learn about and gain one on one experience with different types of animals. She says the funniest thing she has seen in her time here was on a farm call, when a little goat put its head in the tote bag and then took off running with the bag swinging on its neck. Even though we work with large animals, Peyton’s favorite animal is a dog, because they are a lot like family.
Tori- Veterinary Assistant

Tori’s family told her about Middle Tennessee Vet Service, so she decided to check us out and is now part of our family. She has been with us since July of 2015, and really enjoys working with the animals. Prior to MTVS, Tori worked milking cows, at a small animal clinic, and grew up around cattle. These experiences inspired her to pursue a career in Animal Agriculture and Welfare, a goal she will achieve when she graduates from MTSU in May with a degree in Animal Science. The best thing about her job is every day is different and it holds a challenge that she is always ready to take on, as well as the humor and friendship our staff shares. Tori hopes to complete school and obtain a master's degree or even a PhD in Animal Health and Welfare.
Justina-  Public Relations Coordinator
When Justina is not working in the medical field as a LPN, she is here helping where needed. Whether in the office, out on the road, creating a newsletter, changing the web-site, or with Hagan, there is no a task too big for her tackle. Her dream is to go back to school and either get a Vet Tech license or become a FNP. She is still undecided, but looks forward to working at the clinic when she can. Her love for animals started as a child. She had multiple domesticated pets and loved hanging around the animals in the barn. Justina says her favorite animal is a horse. As a child she would go riding with her papaw and those by far are her favorite memories of him. The best part of her job is learning about the different diseases and issues animals have, helping others, and making a difference.  
Rhett- Facility Groundskeeper
Rhett has been coming out to MTVS after school and helps with whatever needs to be done. He likes for the clinic to be clean and in order, to ensure quality service to our clients and patients. He enjoys seeing the many animals and his favorite thing is watching necropsies (animal autopsies).  These exams are very important for the rest of the herd's health when an animal dies. Although Bonnie, a Mammoth Mule patient of ours, tried to eat Rhett’s shirt, she was still his favorite animal. He stated that she was a friendly giant. 
Before I came to work at MTVS in August of 2015, I would come out and visit my mother PJ for lunch. While I visited I would play with Hagan and fell in love with him. Now I get to spend my days here doing what I enjoy doing the most, loving on Hagan and occasionally answering the phones. One of my dreams in life is to learn sign language. Upon working at MTVS I have learned a great deal about the animal health world. Like this one time we had a client to bring in a goat for a necropsy. So I asked, “Well, what is wrong with the goat’s knee”? Everyone thought that was a funny question to ask, but I did not see why it was funny. Until, one of my co-workers said there is nothing wrong with the goat’s knee. A necropsy is like an autopsy, only for animals. So we can try and figure out why the goat passed away. This is only one of the many things I have learned since working here. 
Shelley, Hagan's Part-time Nanny
Jessica - Veterinary Assistant
Jess's Uncle Bobby told her about MTVS she came to work here in March of 2016. She has encountered a number of funny things since working at MTVS. One thing that stands out occurred while assisting with a horse that had come in for a Coggins Test. Instead of writing star and snip for the face markings, Jess wrote star ship. She said, Guess I was thinking Star Wars"  Jess says, the best part of her job is being able to help the many animals, as well as their owners. Plus, she attests that she learns something new every day. Every day holds something different and you never know just what might happen.   She looks forward to serving MTVS's clients and patients.