Middle TN Vet Service

Our staff here will make you feel right at home.
Becca, Practice Manager
Becca is our office jack-of-all-trades. She might just be the girl who answers your phone call and sets up your appointment, or may be the one to answer your questions about a medication. She also is the one who orders our supplies, and you may even see her out with Dr. Mandy on the road. For the 5+ years she has had her hands on just about everything we do here at MTVS. She has an Associate Degree in Business Technology with a concentration in Business Management, but would like to further her education in Animal Health. Becca is known for her sense of humor, and for her role as the clinic "mom." If you ever need snacks or baby wipes, Becca is your girl! Before hearing about MTVS from Mrs. Kelley Young, Becca worked as a tour guide and a Manager at Cumberland Caverns. ​

PJ, Hagan's Loving Nanny & Office Receptionist
PJ moved to Tennessee in 2005, and has grown very fond of cows. Apparently there were not many where she lived and she likes seeing the different breeds and their personalities. PJ is Hagan’s nanny first and foremost, and loves this part of her job here at MTVS. She also enjoys learning new things about the many farm animals that come in for visits with the veterinarians. She does her best to step in where she is needed. PJ answers the phone, makes follow-up calls to find out how your animal is doing, or may call to remind you of a future appointment. She hopes to be all God has called her to be in life. The funniest moment for PJ happened when she first started working with us and (to her shock!) was handed some paperwork with cow poop on it. 
Nealie - Lead Veterinary Assistant
Nealie has been working at MTVS and with Dr. Mandy for about 3 years off and on now. She really enjoys her job. "Some days are rough especially working in the different types of weather. In the winter it may be in the single digits and in the summer be in the triple digits. The best part is being able to save an animals life, no matter how hot or cold." While working at MTVS, she has aquired a few nick names. "Mandy has called me the lucky calf puller, one of our clients called me Six Shooter Sally with my multiple vaccination guns, and a co-worker calls me Ellie Mae." said Nealie. Nealie likes riding horses in her spare time and attends Motlow State Community College trying to get her Associates Degree in Biology.
Jess- Veterinary Assistant
​Jess's Uncle Bobby told her about MTVS. She came to work here in March 2016. She has encountered a number of funny things since working at MTVS. One thing that stands out occurred while assisting with a horse that had come in for a coggins test. Instead of writing star and snip for the face markings, Jess wrote starship. She said,"Guess I was thinking Star Wars." Jess says the best part of her job is being able to help the many animals, as well as their owners. Plus, she attests she learns something new everyday. Every day holds something different and you never know just what might happen. She looks forward to serving MTVS' s clients and patients.
Tori - Veterinary Assistant
​Tori has worked on and off at MTVS since 2015. She graduated from MTSU in 2016 with a B.S. in Animal Science. Tori would like to continue her education to become a large animal veterinarian and raise beef cattle one day. She married her college sweetheart Eric in January 2018. Tori and her husband share their life with four dogs and two cats. In her spare time, Tori enjoys hiking and running with her two Australian shepherds, Gnash and Hudson. Tori loves all animals, but her favorite animal is a cow. It’s no surprise that her favorite part about working at MTVS is working with farmers and their cattle. 
Sabrina moved from Arizona closer to family.   With one employee going on maternity leave and one going to school, her application was perfect timing for MTVS and her.  Sabrina brings a lifetime of horse handling skills with an emphasis in equine reproduction and also a decade in small animal medicine and surgery.  Her favorite part of the job is learning how to manage and work cattle and small ruminants.  She has a lot of experience in small animal and equine, but ruminants are a new ballgame!  Sabrina's favorite animal is the horse because ever since she was a little girl riding makes her feel strong and graceful when in reality she's confesses she pretty clumsy on the ground.  Her and her husband Jacob aspire to settle in to their new farm and raise Quarter horses and a few head of cattle.
Sabrina Hammond - Veterinary Assistant